Ford Figo turns two- come join the party!

Ford Figo birthday 2012

Birthdays are always a special occasion, and when the product whose birthday it is, happens to be India’s most loved and most awarded car in its segment – the Ford Figo – the occasion is that much more special. As the beloved Ford Figo turns two years old, Ford India has launched a unique campaign […]

What your car colour says about you


From the classic black, white and silver cars to the bolder red and green, colour-conscious car owners are spoilt for choice today. And with the plethora of car colour choices, Indian roads are getting more vibrant and chromatic. According to Dupont’s 2011 car colour survey, white and silver were the most popular car colours in […]

Ford India in 2011: Milestones galore!

Ford leadership during the Gujarat Plant Ground Breaking Ceremony

For our team at Ford India, 2011 was a year of achieving milestones and breaking records. In June, our team celebrated the astounding milestone of selling 100,000 Ford Figos in a mere 15 months since launch. The continuous demand for the Ford Figo has reinforced our growing status as a reliable manufacturer of small, fuel […]

DSD Season 2’s India leg comes to an end

Discover Smart Drive Season 2 culmination

The Ford Figo Discover Smart Drive Season 2 culminated this afternoon in Kolkata. The week-long cross-country journey created memories worth a lifetime for the teams and their fans. Making it even more meaningful, the drive concluded with each of the participating teams planting saplings to make the journey and drive carbon-neutral. The drive had kicked […]

DSD Season 2 Day 7: The last stretch!

DSD Season 2 Day 7 Mangalore

Just one day left for DSD Season 2 to wrap up! The teams are on the last leg of their amazing journeys, with Team Backup Backpackers already at their final stop, and the others well on their way there. Driving over good roads and bad, the teams have driven hundreds of kilometers in their Figo, […]

Discover Smart Drive Season 2 kicks off today!

Discover Smart Drive Season 2 kickoff

As promised earlier, Discover Smart Drive Season 2 (DSD Season 2) is back! While the first round last year was fun, we’re excited that the second edition will bring plenty more thrilling action! Today, three participating teams and one mentor team will set off on exciting road trips in the Ford Figo from different parts […]

Ford Figo Bharat Yatra: After 100 days on the road, it’s time for goodbyes

Figo dashboard

After adding over 15,000 kilometers to the Ford Figo odometer, our team in Tamil Nadu said farewell to the Ford Figo Bharat Yatra on October 16. The flag-off for this team began nearly four months earlier in Gujarat. For 100-odd days, they have traversed Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, taking the Figo to sleepy towns and […]

Ford Figo Bharat Yatra: One weekend, two holy cities

Figo on highway

In much of the world, Sunday is a holy day. This thought tied in to the Ford Figo Bharat Yatra this Sunday.  Two segments of the Yatra spent their Sunday in the holy cities of Amritsar in Punjab and Puri in Orissa.  Although they draw pilgrims of two different beliefs, the cities share a quality: […]

Ford Figo Bharat Yatra: Picking up some French in Kerala


“Nous avons aussi parler français à Mahé (We also speak French in Mahe),” a visitor informed our surprised Figo team members.  When they parked near the Mahatma Gandhi Government Arts College in Mahe, Kerala, the Figo team didn’t know they would be journeying into a ‘foreign land’ within India.  After hearing some of the locals […]

Ford Figo Bharat Yatra: Cuttack’s love for food, fun and the Figo

Ford Figo squeeze

Sugary, sticky and utterly tasty. Figo team members couldn’t resist the temptations that surrounded them in Cuttack’s Choudhury Bazaar late Tuesday morning.  The team indulged in Cuttack’s famous tennis-ball size rasgullas, while mingling with Katakis at the Figo tent in the bustling marketplace.  Morning brought the team to Cuttack, originally named Kataka that means the […]

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