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“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean” – John Muir

As a car manufacturer we strongly believe that a greener, healthier environment is tied-up with our future success.  It is not just a policy we have framed that hangs on the wall as a reminder. It is something which goes down to the roots of how we as manufactures do business.

To ensure we are on track, the following initiatives have been incorporated in our daily business-

Ford green

Green Plant: We have, in order to maintain not only the aesthetics of our plant but also to ensure that we implement our efforts on being green have planted more than 21,793 trees in the premises. In 2012 alone, 3000 trees were planted inside the Ford premises. We also process the hazardous waste to alternate fuels. We believe that “waste is a resource at the wrong place at the wrong time”. We have also incorporated solar thermal heating to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

We have also observed that we have taken steps to reduce the cooking time in our cafeteria thereby utilizing maximum energy and reducing loss of energy by-

  • Commissioning 240 solar thermal panels to Supply 20KL of water/Day at a temperature of 60ºC- 70ºC for cooking
  • Reduce the diesel consumption as well as CO2 emission

Our commitment to the Future: As a global company, it is our responsibility to add value to our environment. We follow the 4R rule-

1)      Reduce: We use innovative processes to minimize water usage

2)      Reuse: We ensure re-using water for various purposes (cascading process)

3)      Recycle: We utilize treated waste water for different purposes

4)      Reclaim: We use partially treated water for different operation /purpose

A couple of months back in Chennai we were honored with our first Green award by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu for companies which demonstrates a commitment to environment protection through appropriate manufacturing practices.

This was a proud moment for all of us at the company. As stated by Tom Chackalackal, our executive director for manufacturing at Ford India – “It is indeed a matter of great pride and honour to receive the award on behalf of the team the very first time it was announced. At Ford India we remain committed to implementing the best practices of manufacturing that are environment-friendly, reduce waste and increase green cover and we will continue this in the future.”

ford green 1

Water Conservation Initiatives:

We have ensured that we go green the SMART way. Utilities such as auto-sensor taps and auto-flushes have been installed to minimize water wastage in and around our plant.  We also try to re-use water through the cascading process.  The recycled water is then treated so that it can be utilized again for different purposes. One such example is of using the treated water in sprinklers for irrigation. Ensuring water supply pipes and fire hydrant pipes etc are installed above the ground to have better control on leakages. All these efforts have collectively helped us save 8640 KL of water annually.

As far back as 2009, our manufacturing facility in Chennai was recognised in the Asia Pacific and Africa for its eco-friendly practices when it received the Ford APA Environmental Leadership award for operating under a “Zero waste to landfill” strategy

  • The Chennai Assembly Plant is one of Ford’s lowest water usage plants, using only 1.16 cubic meters of water per vehicle
  • The Chennai Assembly Plant will have zero wastewater discharge, thanks to an innovative process that treats the plant’s wastewater and recycles it back into our manufacturing processes
  • Innovative water saving technologies are also being implemented at other Ford plants in the region, including the Chongqing, China and Sanand, India assembly plants
  • The other green technology that we employ is ‘cold test’ wherein we conduct fuel-less tests of the engines that are being manufactured, thereby reducing our carbon footprint

Ford’s upcoming new integrated facility in Sanand, Gujarat in northwest India which commences construction of its paint shop today, will employ the most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and utilize  environmentally friendly rotational dip technology and 3-Wet technology paint processes, dramatically improving paint quality, depth and durability, as well as significantly reducing Volatile Organic Compounds, CO2 emissions and waste.

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