Video: Ford Figo’s Bluetooth Pairing


Check out this DIY video on how to pair your Ford Figo with your bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Ford Figo has the Best-In-Class Audio system equipped with the First-In-Segment Bluetooth Option enabling a wireless connection to compatible cell phone and multimedia devices that have a built-in Bluetooth device.

Here’s a step wise description on how to connect your phone with Figo’s Bluetooth in case you  like them jotted down.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on phone
  • Set the Bluetooth option, rotate the rotary button clockwise to turn it on.
  • Press the menue button for more than 2 seconds to access the Bluetooth menu
  • With Every single press of menu button, Bluetooth options will appear
  • Select pair devices and select forward button to pair the mobile device
  • Now audio will ask the pair code. Set the code as 0000 by using the rotary and forward buttons
  • Same code 0000 should be entered in the mobile phone
  • Again, press the menu button for more than 2 seconds, select the phone device and press the forward button to connect the phone with audio.
  • After successful connections, speaker symbols will appear in the mobile.
  • Press the Bluetooth or phone symbol button to attend the incoming call or end the call.
  • Once the phone is paired with the Bluetooth, press menu button to view phone menu options
  • You can pair up to 5 mobiles with audio and use 1 mobile at a time.

Now you can ensure uninterrupted conversation without taking your hands off the steering wheel.  Happy Figoing! :)

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  • Adityashiva Y

    Bluetooth pairing to windows phone 7.5 is not working.
    Device:Nokia Lumia 710

  • Manoj Agrawal

    Only one problem.. All goes well till you drive and have to stop your car on traffic signal and switch off engine but as soon as you start the engine, connection drops and takes a while to connect!! You could have made stereo system a bit smarter by not restarting it when call is going on.

  • Zubair Alam

    I use it but our voice doesn’t go clearly to other side when we speak via Bluetooth in this car.

  • Johan

    hey same goes for me as well. i am able to connect it but it doesnt work all the time. Have you managed to fix yours. it works fine with other phones

  • Arjun Shetty

    using Nokia Lumia 710, doesn’t work for me too

  • Jaspreet Singh

    Its doesn’t happen this way…when ur on call and if you turn off the ignition bluetooth connectivity will work seamless without call drop. I hv 2011 model I dunno if they have added this feature later on…but I’m satisfied with this feature.

  • Jaspreet Singh

    Can somebody help me on how to fix bluetooth problem in terms of playing music. it was all going well with my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (playing music, calls, etc) but now it has encountered one problem. Whenever i connect bluetooth and try to play music it will stay inactive and still show BT Audio connected (sometimes it will play for 3-5 seconds and then pause it). After this if i disconnect BT from my phone it still shows BT connected in car audio screen.
    I have tired all efforts to find the root cause but failed. i dont know if my phone has a problem or car audio bluetooth.

    I own figo diesel titanium model 2011.

    Please help.

  • Gurpreet Singh

  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Jeby Jose

    Hi Ford,

    I have a Oct 2012 Figo titanium. I have been using all the Bluetooth features for past 9 months. recently after the 20K service and after many days of using Bluetooth after service I am facing the following issues,
    The HU connects to the phone. If a I get a call or make a call, suddenly during the call the HU becomes silent. On pressing bluetooth button again, it shows the different menu options, but if i want to make a call, sometimes it says DIALING and nothing happens or sometimes it says NO DATA in the menu accessed (eg. phonebook or dialled calls etc).

    Are these issues being caused due to any firmware upgrade of the PCM or is there any other issue?


  • A

    Delete the pairing from the car and your phone and start all over. It will work

  • Manish Jain

    hello, my problem is that..when i long press menu button then it shows “BT Waiting” so i am unable to connect. Please help.

  • prajeesh

    same problem

  • Sijoy Rajan

    How to delete paired bluetooth device ford figo.

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