A modern Formula One car has much in common with a jet fighter. Just like an airplane uses wings to create ‘lift’ that helps it fly, the average F1 car uses wings to generate ‘downforce’ to help it stay glued to the race track. This subtle art and exact science is known as Aerodynamics.

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Generating downforce though isn’t the only application of aerodynamics. It is also used to create vehicle shapes that can cut through the atmosphere around us with minimal resistance from the wind. In other words, aerodynamics is a key component in reducing wind drag. And it is this application of aerodynamics that is used mostly outside the glamorous and racy world of Formula One.

Ford has taken this application of aerodynamics to a new level with its kinetic design philosophy and nowhere is this better reflected than in the stunning styling of the Ford EcoSport. The smooth, sculpted lines of Ford vehicles are not just about style. They’re also about saving your money and offering you an enjoyable driving experience. The EcoSport mixes the right amount of capability and confident stance with a friendly outgoing spirit. That is the secret formula for the latest ONE Ford global product.

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The new EcoSport has a completely modern look, shaped by Ford’s global Kinetic Design language, aerodynamic honing for fuel efficiency, a short, raked hood and distinctive profile. It combines the agility and practicality of a compact car with high ground clearance, a command driving position and integrated lower body cladding for robustness. The windshield is steeply raked, and blacked out B-pillars unify the side glass into one elegant shape, conveying a clean, modern profile, complementing a shape honed in the wind tunnel for efficiency. As a result of such styling cues the EcoSport has a super low drag coefficient of 0.365.

What this translates into is economy. Combined with the award winning 1.0L EcoBoost petrol engine, which develops as much power as a conventional 1.6L four cylinder petrol engine but delivers 20 percent better fuel economy, the EcoSport’s aerodynamic profile promises fabulous fuel efficiency. Which, in turn, will lead to a smaller carbon footprint along with a low Cost of Ownership.

The all-new EcoSport has a contemporary shape that conveys confidence while combining refinement and an adventurous spirit in an intelligent and modern package. It sports key SUV cues such as a confident stance, command driving position and signature spare wheel mounted on a swing-gate at the rear of the vehicle.

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