Ford’s safety message drives to Chandigarh

As part of its community development programme and in continuation of a journey that has already seen the participation of the Chennai Traffic Police and the Delhi Traffic Police, Ford India hosted the first special session of Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) to inculcate Safe, Economic and Eco-friendly driving skills for the Chandigarh Traffic Police on 28th April 2012 at the Traffic Police Auditorium.

The event was addressed by the Hon’bl I.G. of Police, Mr. P.K. Srivastava, Inspector General of Police, Mr. Alok Kumar Deputy Inspector General of Police and Deeptie Sethi, Head of Communications, Ford India and attended by over 140 personnel from Chandigarh Traffic Police. Ford India also launched ‘First Gear’, a must-have handbook that incorporates handy tips on how to choose your car, how to become a safe driver and more, for first time car buyers.

Addressing the audience, Mr. P.K Srivastava said, “We appreciate this commendable initiative by Ford India to work towards improvement in road safety in the country and we are happy to be associated with the program. The pledge campaign showcases Ford India’s commitment to the cause and can help make Chandigarh a road-safe city.’’

Ford also introduced to the people of Chandigarh its new I Pledge to Drive Safe social media campaign wherein Chandigarh drivers were invited to take their pledges and take a step towards making Indian roads safer. The campaign, which has been live on Ford India’s Facebook page for 2 weeks, has already seen over 1,500 passionate road safety crusaders sign up and take the pledge to become more responsible drivers.

Highlighting the need to curb road fatalities and inculcating safety measures while driving, Deeptie Sethi, Head of Communications Ford India stated that “We have always considered it our responsibility not just to produce safer cars, but also to ensure we do all we can to encourage responsible driving. India has one of the highest motor vehicle injury and fatality rates in the world and we believe inculcating driving skills that make you Safe, Economic and Eco-friendly, through programmes such as DSFL can help improve the situation.”

This year, Ford India, leveraging its expanding dealership network, now aims to take DSFL to Tier II cities, including, Ajmer, Rajkot Guwahati, Jaipur and Mehsana, while continuing its focus on key markets such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Chandigarh. (Check out some pictures from the DSFL session recently held in Chandigarh below)






Know more about Ford’s Driving Skills for Life Program

Seven APA markets are currently running DSFL campaigns in their markets: India, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Taiwan. More than 50,000 licensed drivers have learned how to drive more safely by participating in the DSFL program since it was first introduced in the region in 2008.

Localized to meet Indian driver needs, DSFL includes a module on economical driving behavior such as anticipating road conditions, applying fuel-efficient driving techniques, avoiding over speeding and keeping a vehicle properly maintained for optimal fuel economy.

 For more information regarding the Driving Skills for Life program, please visit

If you would like to participate in one of the sessions in your city, sign up here and we’ll update you on our next session soon.

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