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While driving your vehicles on the road you not only need to be a good driver in terms of how to drive carefully, you also have to be alert and ready to tackle any unpleasant encounter with individuals who are out to do mischief. Earlier we had a post on driving tips that can help you make a better driver. Today we would like to share some safety tips for women drivers. With increasing number of crimes while driving, the tips below apply to all motorists on the road.

  1. Do not engage in any way with other drivers: Do not even look at someone who is trying to get your attention in an angry/challenging way while you are driving. Keep calm and drive on. If it gets uncomfortable – do not speed up – just take a turn. The worst thing you can do is get into a fight. Keep police helpline numbers handy so you can seek help, if required to.
  2. Pay attention while driving: Keep your sound system at a reasonable volume when driving in cities and neighborhoods, and don’t space out or check your text messages at every stoplight. If your car breaks down, if possible, drive to a well-lit, busy area before calling for help and keep your doors locked while waiting. Ask to see the mechanic’s proof of identity before opening a window or unlocking your car.
  3. Secure you vehicle: Drive with your doors and boot locked and your valuables out of sight. Only open your windows partially, particularly in the city. Be cautious of anyone trying to flag you down or signalling there’s something wrong with your car – be cautious. Never give lifts to strangers.
  4. Parking: While parking on the street, choose a well–lit area and avoid dark secluded areas in car parks. When returning – have your keys out and be ready to open your vehicle, get in the car, close and lock the door and drive away.  If you think something fishy is going on, find a security guard to walk you to your car.
  5. Don’t assume: If an unmarked car with flashing lights is trying to pull you over but is not a police vehicle – keep driving.  And if you feel that you have to pull over, do so only in a well-lit populated area.

Some bad incidents and experiences can be avoided if we exercise caution. Always have your mobile phone close by and the number of local law enforcement/police station on speed dial.

Safe Driving! :)

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