Guide to Driving for Learners

Driving is a handy skill to possess, especially when one is an urban dweller. Learning how to drive can be exciting and nerve-wracking, at the same time. So you’ve obtained your learner’s license, and are all set to hit the road in your automobile. Before you let your enthusiasm get the better of you however, there are a number of things that you should be aware of, so that you can enjoy a safe driving experience. We’ve outlined a basic guide to driving for learners, to help boost your confidence, and prepare you to tackle the tarmac.

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Learner’s License and Car Documentation:

  • Make sure that someone holding a valid driving license always accompanies you.
  • There should be a painted letter ‘L’ in red, or a plate/card affixed with the letter ‘L’ in red in the front and rear of the car.
  • A learner’s license, a registration certificate, insurance policy and pollution under control certificate must be present in the car at all times.

Getting Ready to Set Off:

  • The first thing one must do when one sits in a vehicle, is to check that your seat and mirrors have been adjusted properly.
  • Once seated, check the gear lever, and ensure that it’s in the neutral position.
  • Now remember to fasten your seatbelt, and you’re geared up to go!

While on the Road:

  • Always be alert. Check the rear view and side mirrors; make sure you can see all traffic and pedestrians near your vehicle. Watch out for trucks and buses that take up a lot of room on the road. These vehicles typically have visibility and maneuverability limitations that your car does not have.
  • Don’t do anything that is very quick, or sudden. Keep calm and assess each situation as it presents itself. For example, don’t speed past yellow lights or merge into traffic unless the coast is absolutely clear.
  • Following the rules of the road isn’t enough. You need to anticipate any situation that could put you and your car in jeopardy.

Driving in Reverse:

  • Look behind and under your car before getting in it if you will be driving in reverse. Many accidents involve children and pets, simply because the driver didn’t know they were there.
  • When you are finished moving your car in reverse, stop the car before moving your body to look out of the windshield. Never let your car move in reverse without also looking behind the car.


  • Be disciplined while parking your car. Drive around the parking lot to search the best park place. Also, look for the perfect angle while parking so that drivers of the cars parked next to your car are not disturbed while driving out their cars.
  • If your car has a manual transmission, then make sure that you leave your car in gear when parked on a hilly or sloppy surface and in neutral when parked in any interior space. A neutral gear will help other car drivers to slightly shift your car to easily drive out their cars.
  • If parking your car in an open space, then park under the shade. If the car is left under the sun for long, then the car interiors will get hot and the sunrays will zap fuel from the gas tanks.


While car maintenance should be left to the professionals, there are some quick and easy regular checks you can do yourself between regular servicing.

  • Check your tread depth, pressure and general tire condition before you take on any journey.
  • Monitor condition of your brakes and have them checked immediately if you notice they are not working properly.

Though driving after learning seems to be an easy task, many accidents occur either during learning period or due to rash driving. If you follow our guide, however, you can be sure of a safe and enjoyable experience!

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